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DSI Sorbent Dispersion and Mixing Device

RAS has significant modeling experience and strong capability in design and optimization of Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) system and Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) system for pollutants removal from flue gas. 

We have used CFD to design and optimize injection systems and mixing devices to maximize the particle dispersion and mixing with flue gas. Some of these devices include: 

  • Lances with spreader or deflector at exit

  • Special designed lances

  • Multi-nozzle lances

  • Lance-less injectors

  • Static mixer (or delta wing)

  • Baffle plates

  • Proprietary & Novel Designs

CFD predicted particle trajectory from a special design sorbent lance.

CFD predicted particle trajectory from sorbent injection lances.

CFD predicted sorbent streamlines and concentration in flue gas duct

CFD model to determine the injection locations and number of injection ports to obtain the best coverage of sorbent downstream before airheater inlet.

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