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Furnace Combustion and OFA Design

CFD modeling has been used extensively in furnace combustion with an objective of Low-NOx Burner (LNB) and Over-Fire Air (OFA) design (either traditional OFA or advanced OFA) for a specific boiler with a specific fuel. It is routinely used in our feasibility study as well as detailed engineering phase. The model provides detailed predictions of furnace combustion, heat transfer, and emissions (incl. NOx, CO, LOI, etc). We have used CFD combustion model and designed over 30 OFA systems.

Our approach to OFA design includes the following features:

  • In conjunction with burner replacement or upgrades

  • Conventional OFA and/or advanced boosted or hybrid OFA depending on NOx reduction requirement

  • Customized design to fit specific furnace configurations

  • CFD combustion modeling to locate the OFA nozzles

CFD model of tangential rotation in a 350-MW tangential furnace combustion. 

CFD model of temperature distribution in a 350-MW tangential furnace combustion.

Using CFD for OFA design
Using CFD for OFA design

CFD model of a 350-MW tangential furnace combustion between baseline and Advanced OFA. The model demonstrates that while Advanced OFA significantly reduces NOx, the furnace O2 distribution and CO combustion is significantly improved by Advanced OFA high momentum air jets.

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